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Top small business SEO activities for 2019
Popular small business marketing strategies for 2019

Get the latest in small business SEO and marketing DIY checklists and walk-throughs to stay on top of the competition, maintain relevancy and build trust with you prospects and clients.

In 2015, 158 million users accessed search services on their mobile device in the United States. By 2020, this figure is projected to grow to 221 million. [Statista]

If your website is not optimized for speed, security, user experience, mobile and voice, you could be suffering and lose business to local competitors who have high-performing websites with awesome, sharable content. Since 2010, Google has been favoring all of the aforementioned elements above others, pushing non-optimized and outdated websites off first page results.


Marketing Optimization SEO Strategy

How to achieve small business digital marketing success

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What is marketing?
Marketing is a method of building brand awareness. Your small business marketing strategies might relay specific messages and advertise your business in many forms. Marketing:

builds your business reputation,
optimizes your online presence,
improves customer service,
increases authority in your

SEO marketing


SEO is Only a Part of Marketing

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How to meet user needs through design, content and social media marketing
There is no such thing as SEO. Well, not really; more specifically, the term is more often used inappropriately. SEO is only a part of marketing. It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization,

SEO Strategy

What to Expect from an SEO Campaign

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An SEO Campaign is a strategy for improving search engine rankings for target keywords to meet business goals of increasing customer conversions, driving qualified website traffic and/or improving brand credibility. In an organic SEO campaign, stakeholders establish a long-term content strategy and procedures for following

Website Metrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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Key performance indicators are quantifiable measurements that help you measure progress towards business goals.
If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
Some things your business could measure include:

Sales Revenue
Cost Per Lead Acquisition (by medium)
Email Marketing click-through & open rates