Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses many aspects of website optimization, advertising and networking.

Marketing can often include:

Marketing keeps your small business competitive, reaching out to new customers and targeting your primary customer. It also helps you continually develop relationships with existing customers and keeps your website at the top of search results.

Outsourcing your small business marketing campaign pays off with your investment returned in new customers, loyal customers and helps build and maintain a brand perception.

Large business have had the upper hand in costly multi media marketing campaigns for decades. Take your share or the market with affordable advertising campaigns, marketing strategies and content development to get customers and keep them coming back.

Content Development

We offer content development, usually at a publication rate of 2 articles per month, but the quantity depends upon your target market, the ideal article length and your budget. We usually offer social media management in conjunction with our content development, to encourage customer interaction, and increase brand exposure.
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Local SEO

Our local search audit and clean up is usually performed on an as-needed basis. We find your business citations online and correct them as necessary. Our favorite local SEO checklist is, provided by Synup. We find it is very helpful to small business owners to easily understand, but feel free to ask us for help.
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Search Engine Marketing

We are a Google AdWords Manager, and can assist you with optimizing and monitoring your paid marketing campaigns, for increased click-through-rates, conversions and leads.
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Link Earning

Link building as a service isn’t beneficial any longer – in fact, it can often be detrimental. Google’s ranking and frequent updates look for organically earned links or citations, as well as your site’s engagement and best practices. Search has changed to semantics – your content should be supported by context in order to answer the searchers question. Link earning is done by developing useful content that answers a question or solves a problem, relationship building with your customers to convert them to brand advocates, and by earning recognition from others, for your experience, skill, ingenuity and leadership.

When we build sites, we help optimize your website and content for semantic search, local SEO, and encourage fresh, useful content marketing and social activity to help you get the most out of your website.

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