Link Earning, Brand Identity & Social Media Management

Link Earning

Formerly an SEO tactic, link building has evolved to link earning for sophisticated, semantic search engine optimization and building brand identity. Recently, we wrote about the evolution of earning links and how social media plays an important role in customer service and marketing. Links are earned through experience – develop relevant content, share the message with audience and influencers and slowly gain brand recognition in your industry.

We represent small, local businesses and offer both content development and social media management to help our clients develop relationships with their customers and complementary business ties. We develop relevant content that answers questions and solves problems, improving the brand authority for the topic. Our clients are knowledgeable resources and we help get that message out.

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Brand Identity

Building your brand identity is a little bit more involved than having a logo; it not only encompasses the visuals that support your brand’s value, but other channels of communication aid in developing the tone and emotional message of your company. It provides cohesion in all communication and is your brand personality. Large corporations will design their logo, and identify style guidelines that complement the logo and provide for cohesive voice and tone for marketing material. There’s no reason why small businesses should neglect such an important piece of their brand. Following even implied style guidelines presents a coordinated look & feel of the business’ personality, with professional structure.

There are many ways to document the style guidelines, including specific definitions for web, such as style tiles, but a simple style guide identifies the brand colors, how to use the logo (or how not to use the logo), complementary typefaces/fonts to be used, tone of voice and copywriting guide (if necessary), website buttons & icon use, industry guidelines for print and/or web, and a brand overview.


Master Web Creations Style Guide

Brand Essence: MWC is about aligning marketing communications with business goals in a creative way; we have bright, bold ideas and express them through successful campaigns for our clients. Coherent: consistent; understandable, cohesive, coordinated. We produce relationships through logical connection.

Brand Colors: #663399 (or #9900FF), #00cc00 (depending on usage), #ff6600. Colors can have gradients, but should not blend with or blur into other brand colors. Provide clear distinctions between colored elements.

Logo Font: Lynda Cursive, 20% Arc, Bevel/Boss & 15% stroke.

Complementary Fonts: Only Sans-Serif fonts to be used for content. (Raleway, Arial, Open Sans, Roboto, etc)

Icons, Buttons & Design feel: No hard edges! Every box or square must have at least a 4-pixel rounded corner where possible. Icons should be solid, not opaque.

Tone & Copywriting: Speak at the client’s level, in a language that is easy to understand and light-hearted. Proofread & check Reading ease.


Social Media Management

An important part of building your brand is having a social presence to connect to your customers. Many small businesses use social media platforms as referral networks and customer service tools, but it is important to stay active. If you have a business page with no updates for the last 3 years, you will likely turn business away. Even if it is as small as a weekly funny or inspirational quote, or sharing content produced by other related businesses that your customers and potential clients find useful, informative or entertaining, it shows that you are actively engaged and ready to help them to solve a problem.

We offer social media management as a stand-alone service or complementary to content development services, and recommend utilizing both for greater success. You’ll see a sample weekly content calendar on the content development page, or check our services on Facebook for an example of popular package pricing.


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