SEM – Pay Per Click

Looking for instant results? SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way to reach your target audience, when they are looking for your services. When you sign up for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, it can be a daunting task to learn how best to reach your target audience and convert those leads to

Many options abound in the PPC realm, now:

  • Google AdWords
    • Text Ads
    • Image Ads
    • Video Ads
  • Yahoo/Microsoft Bing Advertising Network
  • Facebook Marketing
    • Event Promotion
    • Post Boost
    • Website Advertising
    • Local Page Reach

Other social networks also offer advertising options as well.

We can help you get set up, optimize your existing campaigns, or manage your campaigns for you.

A campaign is an ad, or group of ads, that focus on advertising a product or service as a group. For example, if you sell widgets but now you also offer doodads, you may want to promote your new doodads a little more than your best selling widgets, to increase awareness, grow your audience and improve conversions. Thus, you would create a doodad campaign, focusing on doodad-related keywords, and landing on your doodad page, or related pages.
targeted-marketingAll of the Pay Per Click advertising companies mentioned allow running multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups, so you can have one ad group for doodads, targeting your Texas audience, and one ad group targeting the audience more likely to buy and use doodads at 2AM. This allows for fine-tuned marketing.

If your campaigns are not converting, or you need help setting up Analytics and tying them to your Adwords, or your Bing ads aren’t showing up in your Analytics, we can provide technical assistance and consultation, as well. Is your website mobile-ready with search engine friendly URLs? We can help with a new website design to aid your marketing efforts in converting those visitors to leads.

Contact us to discuss your online marketing efforts.

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